We love language


We love language at Wibli Wobli nursery. There are MANY benefits to language learning. 

“Children are born to become bilinguals and multilinguals… No caring teacher or parent denies children the chance to develop, physically, socially, educationally or emotionally. Yet we deny many children the change to develop bilingually and multilingually”

– Professor Colin Barker


Learning a language at a young age shapes your brain pathways so that you have enhanced language processing skills and a boost in :


Cognitive skills

Social skills


Life opportunities


We love to promote Welsh learning and Welsh language in the community. All our nursery activities are in Welsh, all our staff are Welsh speaking and we always look to use local Welsh language businesses and partners.

We also promote learning ALL languages and cultures. We learn all about other cultures in our curriculum, we love to experience food from around the world in our menus and have French and Spanish sessions through the medium of Welsh.


We love play


We believe that play is THE BEST way for children to learn. We encourage a child-inspired learning program that follows all four purposes in the New Curriculum for Wales :

Healthy, confident individuals

Ambitious, capable learners 

Enterprising, creative contributors 

Ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the World 


We combine a structured child inspired learning through play program with independent play. Our open plan setting with natural play resources gives children plenty of opportunities to explore their own interests and gain a sense of independence and confidence. We want children to love learning and to be curious about the world around them.

We believe that learning should be a calm experience as well as stimulating – we use natural resources, neutral colour tones with splashes of colour and quiet areas so that children are not too overwhelmed.  

We love to include fun activities for our children. If you are an activity provider that can offer Welsh medium sessions for nursery aged children please contact us.

Our learning program is inspired by the children themselves and is adapted to their own interests. We use lots of elements to make learning fun and draft our curriculum to include varied activities covering the following for each fun theme :

Learning through food 

Wellbeing and exercise for the body and mind

Language and culture

Caring for the planet and nature


We love our planet


We promote learning all about our planet and how we can help save it for the future of our children.

We are passionate about teaching children the importance of nature, the environment and saving the planet.

We encourage children to take pride in nature and the environment through maintaining and using our outdoor flower beds, vegetable patch and herb garden and in creating play areas and displays using recycled or natural materials.

We also try to be energy efficient and sustainable in everything we do as a business. We love to use natural, up-cycled and recycled resources and work with responsible suppliers and third parties wherever possible.


We love well-being


We also love to be healthy in both BODY AND MIND. Language and play are both key elements that support physical and mental WELLBEING and are prominent in all aspects of our curriculum.

We promote physical health through sports, exercise and outdoor play. We also LOVE food and have an on-site chef who designs a varied menu using wholesome ingredients and can cater for dietary requirements. 

We include food in all aspects of our curriculum and promote healthy eating, wellbeing, nutrition and culture through food.


Example menu – our nursery chef will design our menus with help from the children:

Breakfast – a selection of cereals, toasts and fresh fruits.
Lunch - Spaghetti bolognese with fresh tomato sauce (or vegetable pasta). Pudding – homemade carrot cake. Lunch - homemade quiche with potatoes and broccoli. Pudding – banana and custard. Lunch – jacket potatoes with a selection of toppings. Pudding - pineapple upside down cake. Lunch – mild lamb or vegetable curry with rice. Pudding - homemade sponge with custard. Lunch - chinese noodles. Pudding - fromage frais with strawberries.
Tea – lentil soup with crusty bread and mixed sandwich platter. Pudding – fresh fruit salad and yoghurt. Tea – pork meatballs in tomato and basil sauce (or creamy tomato pasta). Pudding – homemade cheesecake. Tea – mixed bean chilli or vegetable chilli with wholemeal pitta. Pudding – Apple and pears with cinnamon. Tea – Chicken or cheese fajitas with wholemeal wrap and vegetable sticks. Pudding – peaches and yoghurt. Tea – shepherd’s pie or vegetable pie with broccoli. Pudding – banana muffin.
Drinks - water and milk are served at all mealtimes. Each child has their own water bottle and fresh water is available at all times. Snacks – a selection of healthy snacks will also be served during the day.

We promote positive mental health by practising mindfulness and exploring feelings, implementing positive reinforcement and encouraging a growth mindset. 

We encourage all our children to be:

Unique (we celebrate individuality)

Resilient (we overcome challenges)

Connected (we are inclusive, sociable and kind)

Curious (we love learning and exploring)

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